Customizable dashboards and reports

Compliance Tracker offers dashboards and professional reports reflecting your specific needs.

Apart from qualitative input, getting a view of your compliance status also requires powerful reports and analysis tools. Compliance Tracker offers dashboards and professional reports designed specifically for your needs both from a content perspective as well as from a design and layout perspective.

  • Instant view of your compliance

    To what extent have we completed ongoing compliance assessments? To what extent are we compliant with our policies? With Compliance Tracker you will get an instant view of your compliance related questions. You can also drill down to find specific problem areas within your organization or specific requirements that are hard to fulfill.

  • Adjust to existing management and board reporting

    An important part of all compliance work is the ability to report status and progress of ongoing improvements. Compliance Tracker offers flexible ways to adapt to your existing reporting needs, whether that is toward your own management team, or toward the board of directors. Reports reflecting to your company design with logo and layout are easily defined.