Multiple roles

Our compliance solution is designed to handle multiple roles depending on your type of organization, operations and policies.

Depending on your specific organization and operations, there are a number of key roles involved  in compliance processes, that need to be supported. When performing self-declarations regarding various objects (e.g. organizations, assets, partners, buildings, etc), our solution is designed to support the various different roles that are required. That is, multiple roles depending on type of organization, operations and policies, and configured specifically based on your structure.

Typical roles:

  • Owner of an object (organizational unit, assets, partners, facility/building)
  • Owner of policy or regulation
  • Reporter, Responsible for performing self-declarations of a specific unit, facility or system
  • Administrator, Responsible for defining/setting up compliance processes in Compliance Tracker
  • Approver, typically a manager approving self-declarations within a specific area
  • Joint workshops to define roles and descriptions of the work to be performed

    A key aspect of compliance monitoring is how you want the work to be done and what you want to get out of it. We perform a joint workshop that will result in an analysis of your compliance needs. On the basis of that information, we will jointly implement the appropriate compliance solution.

  • What about approval processes?

    Depending on the type of business and policies involved, there is in some cases a need to have an approval process as part of the compliance assessments. With Compliance Tracker you can define approval processes according to your specific needs and wishes. This approval process can of course be implemented differently depending on organizational unit or policy.