Flexibility and customized processes

With Compliance Tracker we flexibly accommodate your compliance processes based on your unique needs.

Each customer is different, with Compliance Tracker we adjust to processes in a flexible way based on the unique needs of each customer. A customers different policies differ in most cases from each other and with Compliance Tracker we support your different compliance processes in parallel and simultaneously. This means that our generic solution is fully configurable to your specific needs including different user cases, exceptions, reminders, approvals, etc.

  • Effective administraion of processes

    Setting up monitoring processes in a way that corresponds to your needs and situation is one of the success factors. With Compliance Tracker you can define each compliance process individually with the specific parameters and characteristics valid for that specific process. Administration of each process can also be distributed to different appropriate individuals, which makes it possible to run each compliance process in a dedicated and focused way.

  • Each compliance process is different - We adjust to each of them!

    With Compliance Tracker we adjust to your specific needs! Each compliance process is different and our task is to support your way of working, not vice versa! Compliance Tracker of course supports all processes in a parallel and simultaneous manner.