Ease of Use

Compliance Tracker is designed to make it really easy, without the need for training, to report into the system and to fulfill the compliance measurements without hassle.

Compliance Tracker focuses on the key aspects of easily getting started without training and support from expensive consultants. Following a short introduction, you are able to start reporting your compliance instantly.

Dialogues from a user perspective are intuitive, including capabilities to perform analysis and to produce reports.

  • Self declarations

    The key to gaining control of your compliance monitoring is to be able collect self-declarations for your different policies or requirements in an effective way. With Compliance Tracker self-declarations are easily implemented and adhered to, based on intuitive and self-explanatory forms.

  • Analysis and reports

    Apart from self-declarations, the key to gaining control of your compliance is the ability to analyze and pin-point weak spots in your business. With Compliance Tracker you get an instant view of the status and you can drill down to specific areas and policies that need special attention.