Cost of ownership

With Compliance Tracker you can start your compliance monitoring in a cost efficient manner without any investments in technology.

With Compliance Tracker you will get a powerful solution that requires no investment in hardware or software. Our solution is web- and cloud-based which means that with a regular browser you have complete access to all functions and features of the system, and you can run Compliance Tracker from all different kinds of terminals and smart phones.

Your cost is solely based on the number of users that are using the system, and that can of course vary over time. If you see an increase or decrease in the number of users over the coming period the cost can be adjusted accordingly. 

  • Cloud based - Easy and swift start!

    We run Compliance Tracker in a secure cloud environment with high availability. You are guaranteed a swift and easy start without any investments in hardware or software. You only need an up-to-date web browser.

  • Need to increase or decrease number of users, what happens?

    Comformics offers a flexible solution based on your specific needs. Our solution is role-based, and if there are fluctuations in the number of users over time, we can always find a variable model that suits your situation.